The Wacky Law Firm Dove Worked For

Dodge & Burrow

At least 10 years ago, after being out of work for eighteen months after a hip replacement, I bit the hand off the first law firm to offer me a job.

What followed was the strangest five years I have ever spent in a company allegedly run by adults.

Whenever I tell a story to someone who hasn’t worked there, they respond with “Huh, you’ve gotta be exaggerating”, but if I tell a story to someone who has worked there, they hit back but, “That’s nothing, remember the time when…”

If Action Park ran a law firm, it would be Dodge & Burrow, the firm I worked for.

And everyone would die.

Below are the stories in order that they were published – and I have aimed for chronological order in telling them. Because there are so many names, I have created a bestiary so you can keep track of who’s who.

As it happens, Dodge & Burrow no longer exist. They merged with another company and lost their identity. One of the first things the takeover company did was to hack out all the dangerous parts – the Senior Secretaries who kept offering medical advice, the bullies, the baffling hierarchy. Anyone who previously worked there finds this hilarious. I still smile when I think about it.

And for the sake of keeping my skin if my real name ever gets attached to this blog: I have been working for an amazing law firm (top 20) for five years at the time of writing this page (Nov 2017). I don’t have any hilarious stories about them. It’s disappointing that I can’t tell ridiculous stories about them, but my mental health really appreciates the difference.

Current law firm: I you.

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