Sims 2 v Sims 3

Ok, so now I’m going back and forth as to whether to install Sims 2 again.  This is because, since the update Sims 3 does not let me interact with any Sim.  And before it went to that level, it would not let me do any flirty/romantic interactions.  Before the update, the sims in question were flirting all over the place, kissing, making out, etc.  Now they can’t even watch the stars together.  Unless one of them autonomously suggests it.

So, Sims 2:


  • Hacks are awesome, I know exactly what they all do
    • Do not have to choose between two different awesome mods, can have both
  • I miss Uni
  • I miss aliens
  • I miss my lovely defaults
  • I miss DM boots (thank you GoS, for putting them on everything)
  • It’s a fun game, damnit!
  • Bodyshop and the catalogue only take ages to load once, after that the thumbnails are cached, unlike S3
  • Can interact with other sims, no matter what hacks I have


  • Have deleted everything, all of my backup discs are at least a year out of date
  • Hate that none of my custom objects match (unlike the lovely create a style thingie of S3)
  • Takes forever to load
    • That’s after it’s taken forever to install (silly Sarah bought the PC not the DVD version of almost all games)
  • Crashes often
  • Does not have the awesome story mode, so your spares will never grow old, get married, have children, etc
  • Uni takes ages to play through, no matter how much I miss it, I know I’ll get bored after the first semester
  • Always think it will be really easy to do a Rainbow legacy.  Never have enough of any colour ever.  Not a problem in S3

Fuck, I’m torn.