RIP Legacies

I have no idea exactly what I installed, but I do think it was part of an all-in-one house set, but whatever it was, it killed my computer. Or at least, corrupted my little Simmies to death. I’ve tried removing bits and pieces of what I downloaded, but thanks to my killer obsession with putting things in the “right” folder, I scattered it all over the place, and have no idea exactly what killed my Sims.

So, I have a new policy on downloads, download something, make a new folder, extract it there, test, and if the test proves successful, then I move things around to my liking.

That said, my little Simmies are dead (this time for good, Ava). So, I’ve done a new install, and re-downloaded everything, and now I’m starting a new legacy. I wish I had backed up my neighbourhoods a little more often. I’m going to miss Captain Dumbass.

RIP Ava (again), Captain Dumbass, The Not-Mum, Carrie, Corey, Dana, Dove, Jake and Elwood. I shall miss you.

PS: Elwood was going to be heir. He turned out real pretty.