Sims 2 Resources


{x} The Booty

{x} Mod The Sims 2

{x} The Sims Resource (it’s pay and it’s evil, but I’ll mention it anyway)

Default Replacements – Skins

{x} Default Skins by teru_k

{x} Bad Witch (Pixie Serpent by Enayla, defaulted by IAmTheRad)

{x} Alien by Rensim

{x} Plant Sim (Pixie Nymph and Pixie Rot by Enayla, defaulted by swampcandy)

{x} Zombie (Pixie Rot by Enayla, defaulted by ParasiteX)

{x} Vampire (Pixie Hunter by Enayla, defaulted by ParasiteX)

{x} Defaults for Vampire, Plant Sim, Werewolf, Zombie & Alien by Navetsea (I have only just started using the vampire skin, the rest are as above)

Default Replacements – Eyes

{x} Hybrid Eyes by Rensim

{x} Vampire & Alien Eyes by Rensim

{x} Alien Eyes by Yumedust (defaulted by radgrl2004)

{x} Genie Eyes by Yumedust (defaulted by radgrl2004)

{x} Bigfoot Eyes by Yumedust (defaulted by radgrl2004)

{x} Plant Sim Eyes by Yumedust (defaulted by radgrl2004)

{x} Werewolf Eyes by Yumedust (defaulted by radgrl2004)

{x} Vampire Eyes by Yumedust (defaulted by radgrl2004)

Default Replacements – Misc

{x} All Eyebrows by Rensim

{x} Facial Templates by Oepu

{x} Facial Templates by Bruna00000

{x} Townie Eyes by Yumedust

{x} Phaenoh at MtS2 has made plenty of default replacement clothing.


{x} Rensims

{x} Unholy Collection by Enayla

{x} Pixie Forest by Enyala

{x} Pixie Realms by Enyala


{x} Peggy (Booty Link)

{x} Raonjena (Booty Link)

{x} Rose (Booty Link)

{x} Nouk


{x} Rock Chick Sims


{x} Aikea Guinea

{x} All About Style

{x} Glamorous Lounge

{x} Pronup Sims

{x} Stylist Sims

{x} Sublisims


{x} Cars by maximum spider (I particularly like the Bugatti Veyron)


{x} Sim Programmes – a useful list of Sim programmes and their functions.

{x} Sims2Pack Clean Installer – Everyone has it, but it’s worth a mention.

{x} SimPE – can you imagine life without it?

{x} Gadwin Print Screen – a must-have for decent screen capping.

Programmes DJS Sims

{x} The Wardrobe Wrangler – cannot say enough nice things about this, but to give just one single reason why this is the best download on the web: one-step colour binning for hair. Now, don’t you want it? If not, how about the ability to “Townify” your clothing at the click of a button? Awesome programme!

{x} The Compressorizer – went from 6GB to 2.3GB of downloads with this nifty little programme – error free, too.

{x} Sims 2 Collection Maker – so easy, so useful.

{x} Sims 2 WTF (Walls, Terrains & Floors) Editor – Best function? Renaming all of those “6244785625286224585d5fa22d2d.package” to things like “Pink Carpet by Sarah” at the click of a button.

Hacks (not for my legacy, but in general)

{x} The InSiminator

{x} Simslice (at the booty, since it’s a paysite)

{x} Simlogical

More to come as I remember where I’ve downloaded from…

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