About this Site

About Dove and Epic-Nerd.com

Welcome to the site. I have been searching for a place to blog, and then I remembered that I owned this domain. Most of the things I want to blog about do not really fall under the heading of “nostalgia”, unless you were present for my childhood/formative years. And unless you’re Wing, you weren’t.

IRL Stories

I’ve been telling stories of the frankly ludicrous place I worked and today (19 November 2017), Raven, my husband, said I should publish them. Since that would get me sued (even though they’re true – word to the wise, do not tango with law firms), I’ve decided to tell them under a pseudonym (both me and the company) and here they will live. The law firm is referred to as Dodge & Burrow.

Also up for grabs are stories about my life at school, allegedly a top 20 non-grammar school in the country, but never a place I did well in. I also have stories about the snobbery of Pony Club, and a weird girl named Stacey, who tried to ruin my life more than once… for no discernable reason.

(All names have been changed for my IRL Stories.)

The Sims

This is also where my legacies live. I know looking at this that I appear to be one of those idiots that never finishes a legacy, but I’ve had two computer explosions, and finally I’ve moved on.

I have conflicts over which game to play, I love Sims 2, 3 and 4 for different reasons, and swing between them for gameplay, but mostly I’ll just cap the Sims 2.

Other Sites

You can find me online recapping Sweet Valley and Point Horror.