Dove Daniel talks about her life and her sims. The sims are more interesting.

The Wacky Law Firm Dove Worked For

At least 10 years ago, after being out of work for eighteen months after a hip replacement, I bit the hand off the first law firm to offer me a job.

What followed was the strangest five years I have ever spent in a company allegedly run by adults.

Whenever I tell a story to someone who hasn’t worked there, they respond with “Huh, you’ve gotta be exaggerating”, but if I tell a story to someone who has worked there, they hit back but, “That’s nothing, remember the time when…”

If Action Park ran a law firm, it would be Dodge & Burrow, the firm I worked for.

And everyone would die.

Below are the stories in order that they were published – and I have aimed for chronological order in telling them. Because there are so many names, I have created a bestiary so you can keep track of who’s who.

As it happens, Dodge & Burrow no longer exist. They merged with another company and lost their identity. One of the first things the takeover company did was to hack out all the dangerous parts – the Senior Secretaries who kept offering medical advice, the bullies, the baffling hierarchy. Anyone who previously worked there finds this hilarious. I still smile when I think about it.

And for the sake of keeping my skin if my real name ever gets attached to this blog: I have been working for an amazing law firm (top 20) for five years at the time of writing this page (Nov 2017). I don’t have any hilarious stories about them. It’s disappointing that I can’t tell ridiculous stories about them, but my mental health really appreciates the difference.

Current law firm: I you.

Dodge & Burrow: The Start of it All

The start of my life at Dodge & Burrow, the wacky law firm I worked at for five years. I should have seen the signs.

Dodge & Burrow: Setting the Scene

Dove witters on about the wacky law firm, Dodge & Burrow.

Dodge & Burrow: Never call in sick

Senior: Have you tried some ibuprofen?
Me: … for the infection?
Calling in sick is always good fun, especially when the person you’re calling doesn’t have medical qualifications, but thinks they do.

Dodge & Burrow: Sloane has a law degree

When Nina went on mat leave, Sloane joined us. She had a law degree. This made her frightfully unique in a law firm. She also had an IQ that was possibly in the minus numbers.

Dodge & Burrow: The Christmas Party

“Dove,” she said. “We need to discuss this incident of hazing at the Christmas party…”