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The Sims 3 ISBI legacy. Damn that’s hard.

The Vortekz Legacy: Gen 1.1

3 April 2016

The Vortekz Legacy

The Vortekz Legacy: Gen 1.1

Welcome to my new TS3 ISBI legacy. Now that I can get it to run on my computer, I’m going to alternate between TS3 and TS2.

What’s with the surname? Well, I’m not being l33t, it’s in the same theme as the Moxleys. Wrestling. I borrowed Scotty Vortekz’s surname. Let’s hope he doesn’t mind. Wrestlers have the best surnames. I’m saving the wrestling first names for the Moxleys, so my first torchholder has a first name that begins with A, her kids will have B names, etc. And yes, I’m going to recycle Ava, because it’s such a pretty name.

I have all the EPs except Late Night and Island Paradise, and no stuff packs. I’ve barely played TS3 at all, so everything is new and exciting to me, and I will squee long and hard about it. So if you’re a jaded veteran of TS3, my silly exclamations may not be what you’re looking for.

My lifespan lengths are:

  • Baby: 2 days
  • Toddler: 2 days
  • Child: 7 days
  • Teen: 12 days
  • YA: 21 days
  • Adult: 21 days
  • Elder: 7 days

My torch holder is called Ava, she’s a dramatic, eccentric, irresistible kleptomaniac who loves cats. Her LTW is to reach the top of the criminal career. I considered the other theft one, but remembered that I don’t know how to play this game, we’re gen 1 and broke, and we need to find a spouse, so maybe leave the harder LTWs for later, once I’ve got the hang of it.

Warnings: Swearing, CAPSLOCK OF RAGE (AND OTHER EMOTIONS), incoherrent rambling, and annoying references to wrestling.

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