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The Vortekz Legacy: Gen 1.1

3 April 2016

The Vortekz Legacy

The Vortekz Legacy: Gen 1.1

Welcome to my new TS3 ISBI legacy. Now that I can get it to run on my computer, I’m going to alternate between TS3 and TS2.

What’s with the surname? Well, I’m not being l33t, it’s in the same theme as the Moxleys. Wrestling. I borrowed Scotty Vortekz’s surname. Let’s hope he doesn’t mind. Wrestlers have the best surnames. I’m saving the wrestling first names for the Moxleys, so my first torchholder has a first name that begins with A, her kids will have B names, etc. And yes, I’m going to recycle Ava, because it’s such a pretty name.

I have all the EPs except Late Night and Island Paradise, and no stuff packs. I’ve barely played TS3 at all, so everything is new and exciting to me, and I will squee long and hard about it. So if you’re a jaded veteran of TS3, my silly exclamations may not be what you’re looking for.

My lifespan lengths are:

  • Baby: 2 days
  • Toddler: 2 days
  • Child: 7 days
  • Teen: 12 days
  • YA: 21 days
  • Adult: 21 days
  • Elder: 7 days

My torch holder is called Ava, she’s a dramatic, eccentric, irresistible kleptomaniac who loves cats. Her LTW is to reach the top of the criminal career. I considered the other theft one, but remembered that I don’t know how to play this game, we’re gen 1 and broke, and we need to find a spouse, so maybe leave the harder LTWs for later, once I’ve got the hang of it.

Warnings: Swearing, CAPSLOCK OF RAGE (AND OTHER EMOTIONS), incoherrent rambling, and annoying references to wrestling.

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Quick Update and a funny

25 March 2016

So, quick update:

My old computer died and it was very sad, because it had been a hard worker.  However, it only died in a small way — the modem died, so I couldn’t get online.  However, the poor thing was about eight years old, so I decided it was time the computer retired.  With it being such a small death (and wow, do I love this computer or what for not exploading or destroying my files, as previous computer deaths have done), and I was able to back up everything on it, and put it on the new replacement computer.

TS2 took ages to install, because it was a complete nightmare, it kept asking for disc 4 of the base game, which caused it to crash.  Windows 10 is not TS2’s friend.  (Pro Tip: the way around this is to install the base game, download the update, install that, and then install the rest of the games.  It will stop it from asking for the base game final disc.)

I managed to install the Moxleys’ neighbourhood and we seem to be a go there (although the shadows are solid black rectangles under everything at the moment).  However, I haven’t had time to do much more than test.

Also, gloaty moment: a vanilla install of every TS2 EP and SP loads in 58 seconds.  And with 10gb of custom content, it loads in 2 minutes.  And given that I was delighted when I got it down to 15 minutes from 45 on my old computer, my tiny brain can hardly comprehend how quickly everything goes.

With that in mind, I thought, right, let’s load TS3.  Now, the reason I’ve never particularly fallen for TS3 is because on my old computer it took ages to load everything.  My computer was a hard worker, but it had limitations, and with TS3, my poor little sim would be surrounded by white blocks for ages while each texture loaded.  Naturally, this made doing a legacy pretty much impossible, because who wants to see a sim doing anything surrounded by solid white blobs?

It runs like a dream on my new computer.  It’s so sleek and quick, and I quickly fell in love with all of the things I liked about it before, without most of the problems I faced before (thought I’m still not a fan of the pudding faces).  I love the gardening, and the fact that one of my sims routinely chows down on raw garlic, which leaves her both full of food and amused that she has garlic breath.  I love create a style.  I love the dramatic trait.  And I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the horses.  By far, this was the best selling point of the whole series for me.

And so, without further ado, I present my sim, learning to ride her new horse up a slight incline:

ARTAX! STUPID HORSE! You’ve gotta move or you’ll die! Move, please! I won’t give up! Don’t quit! Artax! Please!

ARTAX! STUPID HORSE! You’ve gotta move or you’ll die! Move, please! I won’t give up! Don’t quit! Artax! Please!


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Sims 2 v Sims 3

5 July 2012

Ok, so now I’m going back and forth as to whether to install Sims 2 again.  This is because, since the update Sims 3 does not let me interact with any Sim.  And before it went to that level, it would not let me do any flirty/romantic interactions.  Before the update, the sims in question were flirting all over the place, kissing, making out, etc.  Now they can’t even watch the stars together.  Unless one of them autonomously suggests it.

So, Sims 2:


  • Hacks are awesome, I know exactly what they all do
    • Do not have to choose between two different awesome mods, can have both
  • I miss Uni
  • I miss aliens
  • I miss my lovely defaults
  • I miss DM boots (thank you GoS, for putting them on everything)
  • It’s a fun game, damnit!
  • Bodyshop and the catalogue only take ages to load once, after that the thumbnails are cached, unlike S3
  • Can interact with other sims, no matter what hacks I have


  • Have deleted everything, all of my backup discs are at least a year out of date
  • Hate that none of my custom objects match (unlike the lovely create a style thingie of S3)
  • Takes forever to load
    • That’s after it’s taken forever to install (silly Sarah bought the PC not the DVD version of almost all games)
  • Crashes often
  • Does not have the awesome story mode, so your spares will never grow old, get married, have children, etc
  • Uni takes ages to play through, no matter how much I miss it, I know I’ll get bored after the first semester
  • Always think it will be really easy to do a Rainbow legacy.  Never have enough of any colour ever.  Not a problem in S3

Fuck, I’m torn.