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The Vortekz Legacy: Gen 1.1

3 April 2016

The Vortekz Legacy

The Vortekz Legacy: Gen 1.1

Welcome to my new TS3 ISBI legacy. Now that I can get it to run on my computer, I’m going to alternate between TS3 and TS2.

What’s with the surname? Well, I’m not being l33t, it’s in the same theme as the Moxleys. Wrestling. I borrowed Scotty Vortekz’s surname. Let’s hope he doesn’t mind. Wrestlers have the best surnames. I’m saving the wrestling first names for the Moxleys, so my first torchholder has a first name that begins with A, her kids will have B names, etc. And yes, I’m going to recycle Ava, because it’s such a pretty name.

I have all the EPs except Late Night and Island Paradise, and no stuff packs. I’ve barely played TS3 at all, so everything is new and exciting to me, and I will squee long and hard about it. So if you’re a jaded veteran of TS3, my silly exclamations may not be what you’re looking for.

My lifespan lengths are:

  • Baby: 2 days
  • Toddler: 2 days
  • Child: 7 days
  • Teen: 12 days
  • YA: 21 days
  • Adult: 21 days
  • Elder: 7 days

My torch holder is called Ava, she’s a dramatic, eccentric, irresistible kleptomaniac who loves cats. Her LTW is to reach the top of the criminal career. I considered the other theft one, but remembered that I don’t know how to play this game, we’re gen 1 and broke, and we need to find a spouse, so maybe leave the harder LTWs for later, once I’ve got the hang of it.

Warnings: Swearing, CAPSLOCK OF RAGE (AND OTHER EMOTIONS), incoherrent rambling, and annoying references to wrestling.

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The Moxley Legacy: Gen 1.2

7 July 2015

The Moxley Legacy

The Moxley Legacy: Gen 1.2

Catch up: Gen 1.1

Sooo, quick catch up. Last update was full of fail. Not my Sims, but me. I failed to install necessary hacks, I didn’t have useful custom content, and my screen caps were mostly useless.

As far as the Moxleys are concerned, we started with founder, Mickie, who could find absolutely NO-ONE in the world, and then we fell in love with Harriet, the first Sim to walk by. Both women got pregnant, with batches of twins a day apart. First were Nattie and Tyson, then Nikki and Brie.

Also, Wing, my friend told me I’d been numbering this legacy wrong. I previously had switched over to the next generation number at birth, but apparently you only do that when the next gen torch-holder takes over. … continue reading The Moxley Legacy: Gen 1.2

The Moxley Legacy: Gen 1.1

7 July 2015

The Moxley Legacy

The Moxley Legacy: Gen 1.1

Soooo. A few years ago I uninstalled Sims 2 after deciding that Sims 3 would do. Not that it was great or anything, but it was roughly as enjoyable as Sims 2, and had the added bonus of horses and create a style. And I could use it to finally get around to a rainbow legacy. (That never happened.)

Moments after beginning the uninstall process, I began to panic, but kept telling myself to calm down, it was ok, I could learn to love Sims 3 as much as Sims 2.

As it turned out, I ceased loving either of them. I have no idea why I stopped playing, I suspect my job. *glares and kicks the work computer*

Anyway cut to about a month ago, I fired up Sims 3, ready to get my Sim on and realised that no, I could not love it as much as Sim 2, despite all of the nice things it had on offer.

So, I reinstalled Sims 2, thinking to myself, “This will be easy. After all, I kept my downloads, and I have that backup folder – I bet I could pick up where I left off.”

Yeah, no. Apparently in the quest for MOAR SPACE, I deleted pretty much all of my Sims 2 downloads. I did retain some and I literally can’t even guess at what my process was when it came to elimination. All my beautifully re-coloured hairs? Yeah, fuck them, let’s get them deleted. All of SunAir’s stuff that tends to push through walls that I haven’t used since they first released them? KEEP THAT SHIT!

So, yeah. Basically, I’m in for a world of hurt as I start this legacy and realise all of the crap I’m missing.

There’s plenty of fail on my end. You’ll see if you keep reading.


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The Minchin Legacy – Download a Minchin (Gen 1)

18 January 2009

Download a Minchin, currently Jess and Eli are up for grabs, but I will update as the legacy progresses.

Jess and Eli Minchin (Gen 1)

Jess Minchin (333 downloads) | Minchin-Eli (293 downloads)

The Minchin Legacy 1.0

11 January 2009

The Minchin Legacy
The Minchin Legacy 1.0
So, brand new legacy, and since my previous legacies have been far too successful (before the epic death of my computer), I thought the ISBI challenge was quite appealing. Despite the amount of grumbles about it on simsecret!

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The Cobb Legacy 1.1

3 February 2008

The Cobb Legacy
The Cobb Legacy 1.1
Well, since my last legacy crashed and burned on generation 2, thanks to a couple of dodgy downloads, I’m being extra careful this time.

So, let’s get started. This is Netitia, known as Nettie, my new founder. As you can see from her stats, she’s not the nicest person in the world (more of a Wilma than a Nettie… points to anyone who gets that). But she’s cute, and that’s what counts. If you don’t believe me, check how many people loved Danica Dallas.

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The Clancy Legacy: Generation 1

4 January 2008
The Clancy Legacy: Generation 1

The Clancy Legacy: Generation 1

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