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We have moved!

5 April 2016

Moving from Wordpress to LJ. Yeah, it didn’t take. LJ sucks. Ignore this post.

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The Vortekz Legacy: Gen 1.1

3 April 2016

Gen 1.1 of The Vortekz Legacy (Sims 3 ISBI)

Quick Update and a funny

25 March 2016

So, quick update: My old computer died and it was very sad, because it had been a hard worker.  However, it only died in a small way — the modem died, so I couldn’t get online.  However, the poor thing was about eight years old, so I decided it was time the computer retired.  With […]

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Sims 2 v Sims 3

5 July 2012

Ok, so now I’m going back and forth as to whether to install Sims 2 again.  This is because, since the update Sims 3 does not let me interact with any Sim.  And before it went to that level, it would not let me do any flirty/romantic interactions.  Before the update, the sims in question […]