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Stories of my real actual life, not simming. (All names have been changed for my IRL Stories.)

Dodge & Burrow: The Christmas Party

20 December 2017

“Dove,” she said. “We need to discuss this incident of hazing at the Christmas party…”

Dodge & Burrow: Sloane has a law degree

8 December 2017

When Nina went on mat leave, Sloane joined us. She had a law degree. This made her frightfully unique in a law firm. She also had an IQ that was possibly in the minus numbers.

Dodge & Burrow: Never call in sick

7 December 2017

Senior: Have you tried some ibuprofen?
Me: … for the infection?
Calling in sick is always good fun, especially when the person you’re calling doesn’t have medical qualifications, but thinks they do.

Dodge & Burrow: Setting the Scene

6 December 2017

Dove witters on about the wacky law firm, Dodge & Burrow.

Dodge & Burrow: The Start of it All

19 November 2017

The start of my life at Dodge & Burrow, the wacky law firm I worked at for five years. I should have seen the signs.

About this Site

19 November 2017

Dove explains the point of this very self-indulgent site.